Our Mission


Maximize the impact of modern woodgas TLUD (tee-lud) stove technology to solve the long-standing cookstove challenges facing 3 billion impoverish people in 500,000 households.   This mission has direct implications for the efforts to combat climate change and overcome poverty.


Financially sustainable TLUD stoves in use in 4 million households by 2020, 50 million by 2023, and 200 million by 2027, starting in India and spreading worldwide.

Historical Background

The antecedents of these efforts include:

  • Thirty years to accomplish recognition of TLUD woodgas capabilities, including 16 years of full-time efforts by Paul Anderson.   (See Origins and History document at www.drtlud.com)
  • Ten years of serious carbon credit activities by atmosfair.
  • Four years of significant success with the pilot project (known by its location name in Deganga, India).
  • With these roots, Juntos NFP is a new 501(c)(3) not-for-profit (2017) that brings the pieces together for scale-up to millions of stoves per year.

Specific Background in West Bengal, India

  • A very successful pilot project went from zero TLUD stove users in 2012 to 11,000 stoves by early 2016, all within a 30-km radius of Deganga.   (See: www.drtlud.com/deganga2016 for details)
  • In 2017, an additional 40,000 stove sales are on track in three concentrated areas near Kolkata, with commitments for over 40,000 more stoves in each of 2018 and 2019 (totaling 150,000 units).   All of these are financed by advanced-contracted sales of CER-GS carbon credits by atmosfair (a German carbon trading and project corporation).  The project implementations are by marketing and management specialist Moulindu Banerjee (Sapient).   All participants have improved their financial positions, most importantly the wellbeing of the households who consistently use their TLUD stoves daily (details to follow).
  • In 2017, Juntos NFP entered into a tripartite agreement with atmosfair and Sapient for the funding of additional TLUD stoves in West Bengal.   Juntos NFP is a Not-For-Profit [501(c)(3)] corporation that receives operating funds from a combination of gifts/grants, loans, and the sale of carbon credits exclusively from TLUD stove activities.