Our Team

Board of Directors

The voting members of the Board of Directors receive no compensation.   All officers have responsibilities to be informed and then make their best independent decisions about Juntos NFP activities.   They have no additional specified duties.   The three Directors are:

  • Robert W. Weldon, President of Juntos NFP Board of Directors.  Retired Vice President of Finance of the Illinois Agricultural Association (IAA).  He was instrumental in introducing Paul Anderson in 2001 to the cookstoves now known as TLUD woodgas micro-gasifiers.
  • Noeli V. Anderson is the wife of Exec. Dir. Anderson and is well aware of the issues about these cookstoves.  She understands that in the instance of possible conflict of interest relating to her husband, Executive Director Anderson, she will be excluded from the decision making.
  • Douglas McCarty is a retired mechanical engineer.

Juntos NFP has no employees as of mid-2017, and relies on the volunteer efforts of its Executive Director, with help from the Board of Directors and the services of the independent contractors discussed below.   Independent contractors Juntos NFP utilizes heavily the services of two independent contractors, neither of which receives compensation of more than $50,000 per year from Juntos NFP.

Key Operations Staff

  • Paul S. Anderson, PhD: The Executive Director of Juntos NFP is Paul S. Anderson, PhD, retired university professor.  He is internationally recognized as “Dr TLUD”, a leading world expert on these woodgas stoves.  He is the founder of Juntos NFP and was the initial president, but now serves at the discretion of the Board of Directors.   The Executive Director has the responsibility to inform and support the Board of Directors.   The Executive Director (Exec. Dir) receives no salary, but could be reimbursed for valid expenses such as for travel and conferences, initially set as a maximum of $5000 per year.   The Executive Director is not a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  • James S. Schoner is an I.T. professional with significant experience in information management.   He has been contracted by Juntos NFP to produce and maintain the crucial database of financial records and carbon credit registration and retirement.   James also handles the juntosnfp.org website and provides important managerial support.   He is an advisor to Executive Director Anderson in various ways, including proof-reading and digital topics such as designing logos.   He is a long-time personal friend and former employee of Paul Anderson.
  • Moulindu Banerjee is a resident of Kolkata, India, and is the most experienced person (in the world) for the implementation of the methodology for TLUD woodgas stove distribution and carbon credit generation. That methodology is described in “Case Study…..Deganga,” found at www.drtlud.com/deganga2016 (with a copy included in this application), which he co-authored with Paul Anderson and two others.   He is in consultation with Dr. Anderson about operations and expansions of the stove distribution and carbon credit efforts that are at the heart of the Juntos NFP efforts.   Mr. Banerjee is not paid by Juntos NFP.   He is the sole proprietor of Sapient Infotech (Kolkata), with which Juntos NFP has a contractual arrangement for the implementation of the stove projects.   (A copy of the contract is available for review.)   He earns his living through the administration of these projects of woodgas cookstoves and carbon credits.   The projects are with Juntos NFP and also with at least one independent European carbon credit organization, named Atmosfair.